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Philippe Mere commenced his career as Photographer with Joergen Freddie in Copenhagen where he started as an apprentice.

Philippe then went on and continued his training with Photographer Aldo Léfere in Paris, France where he completed his apprenticeship as Photographer.

On Completion of the apprenticeship Phillippe returned to Denmark and collaborated with Søren Saaby for a number of years before he became self-employed and founded Taxi Studio Copenhagen, Denmark.

Phillippe has subsequently worked for great number of renowned clients such as Hennes & Mauritz Sony, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Virgin and Levs to mention just a few.

In 1996, Philippe as asked to exhibit his works of art at Krasnapolsky, Copenhagen, Denmark, among the exhibited works of art, four were sold to the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Royal Library.

Following the success at Krasnapolsky, Philippe made the decision to exhibit his works of art at Photographer paper in a special format where his works are displayed.

Throughout Philippes career, he has accepted a number of prizes and awards as a recognition of Philippe creative talent. Among other, The Aurora Award 1990 and The Golden Pencil 1993

Tlf: +45 40 13 18 54